2018 Advertising Rates for
Go Campin'



Please print and fill out the following:

468 x 60 Banner on State Page - $50.00/year
*Campgrounds, RV Parks, & Cabins Only

120 x 90 Static Button on Front Page - $75.00/year

Square Button or Half Banner Ad on RV Accessories Page - $75.00/year

Banner or Logo Ad on one Specific State Page - $70.00/year

Date: ___________________________________

Company Name: _____________________________________________

Company Address: ____________________________________________

City: _____________________________________

State: _______________ Zip: _________________

Email: ______________________________________________________

Website: ____________________________________________________

Banner location: http://www.______________________________________________
(Or you can send your banner/or button by email - links@campgroundsontheweb.com)

Authorizing Person's Name & Title:_______________________________________________


Date Uploaded: (For Office Use Only)__________________________

Make Checks Payable to:
Go Campin'

Mailing Address :
PO BOX 25417 ~ Greenville, SC 29616-0417